During the Second World War and for many years afterwards, rationing was still in force, which meant that fish & chip shops in the UK could not get enough fish or fat or potatoes to open every night .

When they did get supplies, they would announce to their customers via a blackboard hanging in their window that they were “Frying Tonight”.     

In those days, it was important that they extracted every ounce of value from their oil … and that is no different today.

So we have formulated an oil which demonstrates strong economical performance based on Canola from our own factory in Wagga Wagga blended with other oils to give increased strength required in today’s fryers, together with the quality to enhance your fried foods.

Australian-made Frying Tonite marks a new generation in deep frying oils which are formulated to do a specific job. It is not an all purpose oil which does most things reasonably well, it is especially designed to give you heavy duty, deep frying well as great tasting food. So we like to say that Frying Tonite delivers all the qualities that you demand from the oil that you use.



Especially formulated to display heavy-duty frying strength, Frying Tonite demonstrates all the qualities you demand in the oil that you use.

  • Australian Canola Oil.

  • High in monounsaturated fatty acids.

  • Cholesterol Free.

  • Good drain off qualities leaving food dry, crisp and a clean mouthfeel every time.

  • Stability when kept at constant high temperatures.

  • No gummy residue build-up in the fryer

  • Halal and HACCP approved.

Recommended for Deep-frying, pan-frying and everything where taste is important.

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