Managing Director, Mr DD Saxena recognised as Asia Pacific Entrepreneur of the Year

The Non Resident Indian (NRI) awards recognise ‘living legends’ who have made their mark on foreign shores. In April 2016, at the awards’ third annual event, Riverina Oils & Bioenergy (ROBE) Managing Director Mr DD Saxena proudly walked away as winner of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneur of the Year award category.

The awards recognise ‘heroes’ who overcome hurdles to inspire others, both in India and in the countries they now call home, to hone their skills and chase their dreams.

Mr Saxena was commended for successfully capturing the opportunity that existed in Australia to establish a canola oilseed crushing and refining plant and business—ROBE. His objective was to achieve outstanding quality, cost efficiency and product consistency, and to build a high calibre organisation.

The biggest challenge faced was to raise the capital required. The approvals took three-and- a-half years to be achieved. However, the organisation was in place in 2013 and has since built an enviable reputation and is highly regarded in the Industry.

The award is much more than just a celebration for Mr Saxena. It recognises the efforts of all the staff at ROBE and many other people who have been part of ROBE’s success so far.