Australia's most interesting oil baron, D.D. Saxena

It's been a very busy end-of-financial-year for most of us, not precluding our Managing Director, D.D. Saxena appearing front and centre of today's NAB's Business Research and Insights Publication.  READ MORE

The article explores some interesting insights into D.D.'s impressive entrepreneurial past, present and future with Riverina Oils and Bio-Energy here in Australia and abroad.

13 July 2015 Australia's most interesting oil baron, NAB Business Research and Insights

And D.D's advice to other "business people facing similar challenges?"

You have to believe in your vision, not for emotional or intuitive reasons but solid business ones. Then it’s simply a matter of showing courage and never giving up.
— D.D. SAXENA, Managing Director, ROBE

Thank you NAB for the wonderful article about our Managing Director.  It's testament to all the hard work, the vision and the strong leadership.  We're feeling very proud to be part of the ROBE team and the promise of an even more successful 2015 and beyond.

source:  NAB Business - "Australia's most interesting oil baron" by Agribusiness View, 13 July 2015.

ROBE Founder interview with SBS Radio

ROBE Founder interview with SBS Radio

SBS PODCAST:  "As a curtain raiser to India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Australia, SBS Hindi brings a series of success stories of Indo-Australians from various fields. In the first of this series Kumud Merani talks to D D Saxena a successful businessman, founder and promoter of Riverina Oils and Bio Energy Pty Ltd.

Mr Saxena has been the recipient of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's Business Excellence Award!"