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Riverina Natural Oils is a division of ROBE Australia established to service the U.S. market for

Expeller Non GMO Canola oil and Expeller High Oleic Sunflower oil (available June 2017).


ROBE Australia is proud to be a Non GMO Project compliant partner.

Our location in the heart of the most productive oilseed growing region in Australia.

This has created a cleaner, efficient and stable supply chain well-poised to meet the demands

of the growing US market for Non GMO ingredients.


We have set up an efficient supply chain to service a wide variety of customers in the U.S.  

Our oil is available in bulk shipments, totes, drums, 35lb cubes as well as retail bottles.


Caren Montante   |    Director of Business Development     |     RIVERINA NATURAL OILS

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(877) 513-2891

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Riverina Natural Oils / 3433 Cerritos Avenue / Los Alamitos, CA 90720